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Monitor Calibration Tools

Setting Up Your Monitor.

If you are editing your photographs on a monitor that is not correctly calibrated then you could be
making changes to your images that are not what you expect.

For example if your monitor is showing images to be too Red then you may add Cyan to them
to correct this, when actually the original image is fine.

We can supply you with a set of five images that we have corrected, you then compare them to the
images as displayed on your monitor. As required you should then adjust the colour balance,
contrast and brightness settings so that both the prints and your monitor match.

Firstly you will need to collect a set of prints from our studio . There is a charge of just £1.

Then compare them to the following images.

You can either look at the images in your web browser or download them and view them
in packages you use such as Photoshop.

Health Warning
This can of course drive you mad. It is very difficult to get every single colour perfect.
You are looking to get a general effect of them looking the same.
Remember that a printed image and backlit monitor image will never be exactly the same.

Click the images to see a larger version or to download them.


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